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Cool Concrete Houses Plans Ideas


Nowadays, there are two kinds of this home plan as the most recent trend. Primarily, wooden home plan for character friendly feeling and for individuals with reduced budget. Afterward, there is concrete home strategy in that it is targeted for wealthy man. In this article, I select concrete style home since it brings shabby chic until magnificent outlook. Certainly, this living style is stronger and sturdy. Well, have a look at the wonderful design of my image collection now!

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Formerly, I display modern concrete home plan with white interior lighting. This huge escape stands in square form using open public area program. The original grey of the cement wall provides equilibrium outlook for the character view around. Alright, continue into the next home program which is luxurious.

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It’s extensive white cement deck floating through the green yard.
Obvious, it flanks the shrub that develops between. Further, white cement looms level as the stylish roof. Then, it combines the wooden outside wall partition and frameless glass door. It’s narrow entry with glass door and small porch. Seemly, it shows the wonderful second floor wall out of glass. Then, this grey escape adds wooden exterior door beneath the black fence rooftop decoration.

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Furthermore, I reveal unique concrete home program which remind one above child TV program. I think those homes resemble such as”Teletubbies home”. Though, the idea is simpler and it uses white paint color. Indeed, it does not like home like the frequent design. Still, there is unique experience are you going to truly feel inside. In general, those concrete home plans are all magnificent.